Retail Branding

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Brand Identity

If you are looking to reinforce your brand identity then look no further. At Wonder-Print we have helped many companies increase brand awareness with clever marketing campaigns and gimmicks which expose your brand to a wider audience. Our print technology and versatility enables us to print to virtually any object, so your brand can turn up in even the most unlikely of places.

Branding stand for La Brea Bakery
Holland’s pies instore branding stand

Printing Your Brand

Retail branding is our most common market, with projects undertaken both locally and nationally. The primary purpose of retail branding is to enhance product sales which outpace the competition, and it is not just about how the brand lives in one particular retail environment; it’s about translating that brand to other environments in other regions. We help you adapt your brand to various cultures, anchoring each space to its cultural environment, people and traditions.

The Complete Branding Solution

Offering a complete retail branding solution and working closely with you as a customer means we can virtually become an extension of your marketing department. We can provide you with the design and manufacture of signage, acrylic display, fascias, shop fronts and shopfitting aesthetics to launches, promos, re-fits, re-brands, plastics and showcases – the complete branding solution!

Delice-de-France retail printing on stand

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