Wall Art

vinyl wallpaper - Aintree racecourse 2016
vinyl wallpaper at aintree 2016
Wall art at Aintree racecourse

Bring a wall to life

Bring an entire empty wall to life with custom printed wall art. Our printing service allows you to utilise your own photos, images or logos to create your perfect wall mural.

Our team of designers will work with you to bring any desired idea to reality.

Different printing options

We have two printing options when we supply our custom wall art, firstly we can print to a pre-pasted PVC & odour free wallpaper, or secondly we can print to a PVC free wallpaper with a self-adhesive reverse. This is very much dependant on our customers installation preference with the main difference being that the pre-pasted media adopts the old fashioned hanging method while the self-adhesive media utilises the newer vinyl application method.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll recommend the best option.

Vinyl wallpaper at The Bourne Club
Wall Art at The Bourne Club
Wall art at The Bourne Club

High Quality Images

When using your own photos or images please bear in mind that high resolution pictures work best for wall murals, the higher the resolution the sharper and larger the image can be. Most good quality digital cameras are capable of producing a suitable image, while photos taken with a camera larger than 8 mega pixels will work best.

All you need to make your own wall mural is a digital image. Just pick a wall, create your own design from scratch and easily install it when your wallpaper order arrives. Alternatively, we have our own team of installation experts who can apply the wallpaper for you. Prices vary according to your location.

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